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Two special Categories for WMC2024 


As we get closer to WMC2024 we’re pleased to announce two special trophies in addition to the official Medals for individual categories and of course the Team Trophy.

The two new trophies are

  • Best Newcomer 

  • ​Jonáš Futera Young Achievement Award 

Why two new trophies ? 

The Best Newcomer trophy will be awarded to pilots who are competing at a CAT1 level of competition for the first time, the organisation team are keen to encourage participation and want to recognise pilots who are taking the next step in their flying career  

The Young Achievement Award is a very special trophy for young pilots under the age of 26 years old and is named after young Czech Pilot Jonáš Futera, he  competed at Deenethorpe in 2023 at the Grande Open and came second in competition as navigator with Matous Adam in their Air Creation Trike.  Jonáš epitomised the spirit of young aviators and was enthusiastic and passionate about his adventure whilst in the UK. Sadly Jonas is no longer with us following an accident at the end of 2023 whilst flying. He will be missed at WMC2024 and the organisers would like to dedicate this Young Achievement award to him and his memory.


Matous and Jonáš competing at the Grande Open in 2023 at Deenethorpe, they came Second overall 

Enjoying a well earnt drink amongst friends at the Grande Open

Making the Trophies 

Ben and Andy’s brilliant logo was given to Simon Worthington from Ecclestone Aviation last year and Simon went to work producing some prototypes and testing resolutions for the laser etch process on top of the Rotax 912 pistons.  After a few tests the final finish was established.


Oxfordshire based joiner Alex Griffin was tasked with producing the bases and sought inspiration from the pistons for the beautifully  crafted bases and conrod.  The contrast of English Oak and the Pistons is lovely to see.


Thank you to Alex and Simon for the time and creativity in producing these memorable trophies, who ever is awarded them in July we are sure they’ll be pride of place in any home.

two trophies .png
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