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Thank you for your interest in WMC2024. 

We welcome UK pilots who would like to fly in. During the two weeks of the World Championships Deenethorpe will be very busy especially when the tasks are taking place.  We expect up to 60 aircraft to be taking off and landing within a four hour window. We expect the tasks to be mainly in the morning. 

The event will be NOTAM'd and will show the airfield as CLOSED unless PPR has been applied for and permission has been granted. Aircraft arriving without PPR will be turned away.  

Airfield information can be found here - Airfield | Wmc2024

Please follow steps below to visit. 

Register your intention to fly to Deenthorpe on the following Google Forms.  

For arrivals on our opening day  on Saturday 27th July - CLICK HERE 

For arrivals on any other day from Sunday 28th to 3rd August - CLICK HERE 

On Saturday 27th July you must have arrived by 1200 (before the opening ceremony) and departures to return home will take place from 1600. There will be a small trade fair, display and a chance to spectate and enjoy the first task. 

On the day of your planned arrival 

On the day of departure please text (old fashioned MMS, not WhatsApp or messenger!)  the following two numbers. This is to confirm your intention to attend. 


  • Tim Burrow, Chief Marshall - 07780 332 060

  • Owain Johns, Competition Director - 07587 586 580 

Send a simple text early in the day with the following information, aircraft  registration, Pilot Surname and ETA. 

E.G:   G-MINT, Clarke, 1030 

You will receive a message with a simple 'OK' on it, or if its not appropriate to land  'NO

Please do not phone either of these numbers as we will be very busy. 

Please look carefully at Airfield | Wmc2024 for joining instructions.

Arriving at the Arifield 

When 5 miles from the airfield, use SAFETY COM 135.480 and announce your intention to join overhead at 2000ft. There will be an air to ground service, if not answered please make blind calls.  

If there is a task taking place and you are instructed to standby then please do and we'll slot you in. 

All competition landings will be on the Grass Runway.  Be prepared to land short or long on the HARD runway. 

Once you've landed wait to be directed to a parking slot. 

Thank you for reading this information, we look forward to welcoming you. 

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