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Chart to use is the CUK513 1:250,000 Sheet 6 England East

Charts - Europe | Ireland | CUK5-- | CAA UK Charts 1:250,000 Scale | Pooleys Flying and Navigational Products and Accessories

A3 Competition PDF to download 


Planning to fly to Deenethorpe from the Continent  ? 

Download our handy guide with lots of hints and tips to make your journey easier. 

A guide to flying to Deenethorpe from the continent_ UPDATED 

Deenethorpe Airfield 

arriving By air 

Dedicated WMC2024 Circuit Procedures FOR DURATION OF THE EVENT 

arriving AND departing 04 

arriving AND departing 22 

A former WW2 USAF airfield.  It is ideal for hosting a World Championships. Large open spaces and multiple runways which should enable efficient traffic management. 

Drone footage of airfield 

Find out more about its History in WW2

Northamptonshire Airfields in the Second World War - PDF on Deenethorpe 

Corby NN17 3AN

TO find on Google Maps - CLICK HERE

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Ideally Join overhead the airfield and make blind calls on 'Safety Com' 135.480 

Be mindful of traffic on the runway. 

Circuits are 800ft AAL to the East 

04 RH 

22 LH 

Airfield Plate courtesy of our generous sponsors Pooleys

© Pooleys Flight Equipment Limited. Reproduced with the kind permission of Robert Pooley.

By Road

Take the A427 from Weldon, 

Google Maps

What 3  words 

Post Code - NN17 3AN


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