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Supporting Flying with a passion 

The event can't happen without the support of our valued partners. A huge thank you for their support, encouragement and help. For enquires on how you can support the event. EMAIL 

For more information  - Sponsorship proposal  / Sponsorship packages available 

CFS Aeroproducts / Rotax Aircraft Engines

CFS Aeroproducts  are the UK's only Authorised Service Centre for ROTAX Aircraft Engines and have a full repair and overhaul facility for certified Rotax 4-stroke aircraft engines and Rotax 2 and 4-stroke UL aircraft engines. Our engineers have many years of experience of Rotax aircraft engine service and maintenance and our facilities have full test capabilities.

We are the only iRMT accredited BRP-Powertrain GmbH & Co. KG service and maintenance training facility in the UK.

CFS are the 18th World Microlight Championships lead sponsor. 

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SkyDemon flight-planning features make planning your flights easy, quick and fun. We bring you all the information you need and present it intuitively around our own vector charts, which are the clearest in the industry.

Overlay a personalised weather forecast on the map suitable for your own flying preferences. Read a clear NOTAM briefing and clearly visualise what temporary hazards exist. Compare airfield notes with other pilots and prepare a comprehensive briefing pack for your flight.

TRIG-Master logo-01 (1).png


Trig is the avionics choice of flexwing and fixed wing pilots across the UK and Europe. Our certified transponders and radios take up minimal space in the panel. Easy to install and a joy to use, Trig products are truly ‘Better by Design’. We are pilots too and passionate about aviation, we offer the best support in the industry. We will keep you in the air, whether you are taking a local flight on a sunny afternoon or starting your next great adventure. Trig is delighted to support the 18th World Microlight Championships - fit Trig and you will be in great company


Exodus Airsports 

It's not every day that a new microlight comes along. Even rarer when it's an advanced, British-built flexwing that offers a new benchmark for aesthetics and effortless performance. When it's also designed to take advantage of the new, 600 kg Microlight weight limit - that makes it unique.

The DeltaJet 500 StingRay is the sophisticated answer to the needs of today's flexwing pilot. And, whether pilot, passenger, or instructor, you'll enjoy the ultimate flying experience due to its sculpted low-drag design, fully sprung undercarriage, spacious seats, and a topless 100mph wing that offers fast roll rates with superbly light control.

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Micro Maintenance 

Based at Darley Moor with two vibrant flying schools and BMAA award winners, a hive of microlight activity where their enthusiasm for anything flying is infectious. 


Pooleys have been providing flying and navigation equipment to the global aviation industry for Seven decades and we celebrated our 65th year in 2022. Pilots in all flying disciplines benefit from Pooleys’ expertise in supplying an extensive range of flight equipment to meet any specification, including bespoke equipment requirements. From flight guides to headsets, aircraft accessories to GPS, Pooleys now provide a range of over 2800 product SKUs including aviation‘s most recognisable brands.

pooleys web .jpg

Visicover Aeroplane Insurance 

Whether you just enjoy touring your home country or exploring further afield, getting the right type of aeroplane insurance is important.

Not everybody’s insurance requirements are the same, so unlike some policies which charge you for cover whether you need it or not, at Visicover we believe you should only pay for the cover you want.

Our award winning aeroplane insurance is designed to be flexible, letting you tailor your cover to your precise wishes.



Flylight operate a centre of excellence for microlight flying and tuition in the UK. Based at nearby Sywell they specialise in various areas ranging from aircraft maintenance and repair to flying lessons. Anything Microlight you can count on them for their expansive knowledge and expertise. Home of the Skyranger and Flylight are at the forefront of single seat trike development with their superb Adam leading the way in the SSDR market. 

Island Airport Sandown black.jpg

Isle of Wight - Sandown 

EGHN - The UK's Premier Destination Airfield. You're always guaranteed of a warm welcome from Dan and the team. Fantastic food is always on offer. 

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Wye First Aid 

If you want your staff to be confident and effective in a first aid situation, where judgement calls can affect the outcome of litigation as well as that of life, your looking in the right place.

We are an experienced training provider of first aid for over 30 years, that uses accelerated learning techniques for our training that helps you remember when the pressure is on.

Ecclestone Aviation 

Specialists in Rotax Maintenance & servicing for over 20 years! Long  established and trusted Official Rotax Support Centre.  Online shop, servicing on both 2 and 4 stroke Rotax engines,  Ecclestone offer a workshop or mobile service and can help with most engineering questions and queries. 

Albion Aero Services 

Albion Aero Services is a relative newcomer to the UK Microlight market but specialist in a number of nifty products.  Including 'Fly Henry' SSDR instruments, IFD instruments and also ultrabright strobes.  Based in the UK and led be BA Engineer Ed Warnell they are your one stop shop for a number of unique products which will enhance your aircraft. 

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