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Good things come to to those who wait 

A logo for an event is an important part of the whole event. Destined to be worn on T-shirts for years to come, or adorn a locker in a hanger or the fuselage of a Microlight. Pilots can look  back with warmth to a particular event with fondness. The Logo for the event can be the stimulus for these memories after the event but also the catalyst for the event itself.

montage .png

Inspiration was sought from past logos and designs

Designing the logo for WMC2024 was a team effort between two talented people: Andrew Bill and Ben Ashman. Andy is a pilot who flies out of Over Farm in Gloucestershire and is a full time systems engineer working for Airbus, in his limited spare time he is an artist who specialises in Oil & Acrylic stencil paintings and artworks – Andy’s work can be found here . Ben needs little introduction to the Microlighting community, needless to say Ben has produced the artwork for UK teams and World Championships for a long while, he also co-founded one of the most influential microlight companies in the UK and is responsible for creating world leading Flexwings. Flylight Trikes | Flylight Airsports Trike Range

concept 2 .png

Initial design work started back in October 2023 with Andy in the pilot seat working up concepts, ideas and rough sketches for the organisational team to look at. Ben was a tad busy at this point developing a cheeky little number of a Flexwing so Andy was tasked with producing ideas based upon the initial brief.  

andrew bill.jpg

Andy Bill 

ben .png

Ben Ashman 

A tough process at times, as what appears to be a nice idea to some eyes cannot be to others. Numerous Zoom calls and feedback went back and forth between inboxes. A basic principle was arrived upon based upon Andy’s designs and concepts,  because of work commitments Ben then took control working over Christmas so that the organisational team could feedback at a face to face meeting in Jan. 


Again further refinements took place until we were ready to launch the logo in February 2024. 

Its been worth it, the logo really captures the essence of a lovely Summer’s day in the UK and its fantastic to see the 3 types of microlight all represented in the logo, the subtlety to the union jack and the unpredictable clouds all add to a bold and instantly recognisable logo which we can be proud of and give the World Championships a distinctive identity, that pilots can proudly display in years to come.

A huge thank you to Andy and Ben for their time, patience and creativity. The event has made a stunning start with the logo and we are so grateful to you both. Good things do come to those who wait, it was certainly worth it – thank you!

Download the logo for promotion and team use

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