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Visiting Deenethorpe and WMC2024 

Our primary goal is to enable the best pilots to take part in a safe event.


For two weeks the airfield will be very busy. We recognise that there will be enthusiasts who will like to visit. We’re not opening the event to the general public and spectators, however we’ll enable aviation enthusiasts and spotters at entry at identified times. 


People wanting to enter the site must pre-register their intention on the official WMC2024 website. Click here. The identified times will be published on the WMC2024 website in the run up to the event. People wishing to enter will be charged a nominal fee and be given a visitors badge which must be worn at all times. 

Aircraft enthusiast and ‘spotters’ Code of Practice at Deenethorpe Airfield

Deenthorpe airfield welcomes all members of the public to our airfield where many flying careers have started following a day just watching the aeroplanes.


The owners of aircraft are generally to willing to speak with anyone interested in there, sometimes very valuable, flying machines. But, let’s not forget, at Deenethorpe you are on a private site and your invitation to be here is not as given. Similarly, if you walk airside this is a privilege permitted only by the airfield management. Remember competitors will be focused on tasks and their flying goals.


In the interests of safety and to protect the assets of our members and visitors please follow the following general rules without protest.  

  1. Follow the instructions of any Deenethorpe Staff member including Marshals.

  2. Do not sit on any part of the airside apron or taxiways.

  3. Do not touch any aircraft without prior permission from the owner.

  4. Remain clear of propellors at all times whether they are turning or not.

  5. Remain clear of the rear of aircraft that are starting up.

  6. All children on the Apron must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  7. All dogs at Deenethorpe Airfield must be kept on a lead at all times.  

  8. If a Hangar door is closed do not attempt to enter or interfere with any part of it.

  9. If a Hangar door is open do not enter without permission from the resident owner.

  10. Remember your safety is also your responsibility

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